How Common Is English Springer Spaniel Rage?

English springer spaniels are known to be playful, sensitive, and loyal pets. They are also great family dogs that are excellent to have around the home. However, this breed of dog can react negatively at times, even displaying rage. 

It is relatively common for English Springer Spaniels to react with rage and aggression to remain dominant in situations. About a fourth of English Springer Spaniels will respond with aggression if you take away their food, bones, toys, or something else they desire. 

Continue reading this article to learn more about why English Springer Spaniels commonly react to certain situations with aggression and rage. 

Why Is My English Springer Spaniel Acting Out With Aggression and Rage?

Not many people look at the flaws of their pup’s breed when there are so many positive characteristics to focus on. Unfortunately, though, most breeds, including the English Springer Spaniel, have negative traits that individuals should pay attention to, as well. One of those traits is rage and aggression.

Your English Springer Spaniel is acting out with aggression and rage because they are dominant, determined hunting dogs. As hunting dogs, they are hyper focus and work hard until they accomplish something. Many dogs of this breed also display rage when attempting to protect or dominate something. 

Many types of dogs were originally bred for hunting. Because of this, their personalities display traits that help them accomplish a hunting goal, which can be unfortunate for many family dynamics. Luckily, the English Springer Spaniel breed is relatively calm and will not act aggressively without a purpose. 

When evaluating your dog’s rage, it’s important to pay attention to the following: 

  • Is your dog protecting something? Dogs will usually protect their food or their favorite toys, and this is very common in hunting dogs. Rage is a protective and dominant mechanism that they use. 
  • Is your dog trying to be in charge? This trait is more common in this breed than in other types. The Springer Spaniel loves to be in charge and dominant when it is in its hunting mode. 
  • Is your dog in a grumpy mood? This trait is not very common, but sometimes dogs act with rage because they just don’t want to be bothered. Older dogs display this more than puppies and middle-aged dogs.

Does My Dog Have Rage Syndrome?

All in all, rage is a common trait in many dogs, especially the English Springer Spaniel. However, it is important to remember that, sometimes, English Springer Spaniels do display symptoms of something called Rage Syndrome. 

Your dog might have Rage Syndrome if they constantly react ferociously and explosively when you assert dominance and take away certain items they are utilizing: food, socks, wrappers, bones, and unwanted items. If your dog has Rage Syndrome, they are displaying these symptoms regularly. 

Rage Syndrome is never fun for anyone to experience, and although it has a given name, it is a trait that is common in many types of dogs. Rage can occur from a wide variety of things, but most dogs are attempting to assert control when they act in this way.

Most English Springer Spaniels that display these tendencies have had negative experiences in their past and are acting out because of it. These experiences could include: 

  • They were in an unethical situation at birth. 
  • They had to fight for food and water. 
  • They had prior health issues. 
  • Their current environment does not feel safe.

If the possibility of Rage Syndrome is present in your dog, consulting with a veterinarian may be helpful. Sometimes, medication is properly administered to help with certain symptoms. 

How To Deal With Springer Spaniel Nervous Aggression

Rage and aggression in your dog can be a scary experience, especially if it happens all of the time. Your dog may be in danger, and a lack of recall can be problematic at the end of the day. Luckily, there are solutions that individuals can take on to help mend this issue. 

Deal with your Springer Spaniel’s nervous aggression by using positive reinforcement training. Additionally, you can consult with your local veterinarian and possibly administer prescribed treatment. Treatment is unnecessary unless your dog has displayed clear signs of Rage Syndrome

Rage is a very common symptom in many types of dog breeds. However, nervous aggression is more common with the English Springer Spaniel. Due to this, individuals can help manage their pup’s rage and aggression through training.

Most times, this problem occurs when your pup is triggered by a certain event that requires their protection or dominancy. Before training, it’s important to check for the following: 

  • Understand why your pet is acting out. Most dogs, especially English Springer Spaniels, do not act out in rage without cause. There is always a good reason why English Springer Spaniels act out. Once owners understand why, they can enforce the right type of positive reinforcement training. 
  • Rate their rage on a scale to determine how loud it is. Rage is never fun to deal with, especially if owners are not skilled in training their dogs. One of the best ways to determine your pup’s rage is to determine how loud it is and how violent. From there, individuals can find the proper help and implement boundaries.
  • Determine if dominancy is an issue. Calming your pup down can be far more challenging if your dog’s main issue is dominance over aggression. This is something that individuals should pay attention to. 
  • Determine the trigger. Sometimes, rage can be hard to identify, and training may not always stick if this is the case. Individuals can specifically determine what triggers their pet’s rage to help solidify the change in their behavior. 

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Final Thoughts

English Springer Spaniels are fantastic dogs, but they can act rageful. It is common for this breed because they are hunting dogs, and it is a regular occurrence. 

Luckily, the right training and guidance can make a huge impact on the relationship you and your pup have. If you can, research your dog further and consult with an expert for additional help. 

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