Beds and Crates

Dog Beds

There are a ton of options for dog beds, so let me help you make that decision a little bit easier. After years of having big fluffy pillow beds, we made the switch to an elevated bed. What a game changer. Elevated beds have multiple benefits including: helps your dog stay at comfortable temperature, easy on their joints, provides firm and even support, you don’t have to worry about your dog chewing on it and its easy to clean, which helps humans and canines with allergies. I chose K9 Ballistics beds for our dogs. They are chew proof, have aluminum frame and can be used indoor/outdoor. They are offered on Amazon here.

Dog Blanket

My dogs love blankets. They each have their own Furrybaby blanket and use them all of the time. This blanket is washable, stays soft and will help protect furniture. Best part? It comes in multiple sizes and colors. If you want to check out this blanket on Amazon, click here.

Dog Crate

Not everyone is going to crate train there dog, but I prefer to use them for my dogs when they are puppies. My dogs actual loved go in their crate, it had nothing to do with receiving a treat as a reward. I purchased a Midwest Homes crate years ago and its in great condition. I never had an issue with folding it and there is no rust. If you look at this product on Amazon, its currently the best seller. This page will allow you to select the best size for your dog and you can choose one or two doors. The crate I have only has one door and that works for our home, but I can see where two doors could be useful.