Ball Thrower

If you are at this site, you will need one of these. The ChuckIt! Sportball Thrower is fantastic toy for your active dog. Any breed that requires a lot of exercise will appreciate running the length of a football field to fetch the ball. This toy is easy to use and suitable for kids. The only problem with this product is your dog will not want to stop playing. The Sport 14S is listed on Amazon here. If you decide to get this launcher, make sure you grab some sport balls.

Floating Toy for Fetch

If you have a dog that loves water or you are trying to get your dog used to water, this is the toy for you. The attached rope makes it super easy to launch this toy into the water. Its very durable and will last years. Having been a member at the local dog park for years, this is the most popular toy for the breeds that cant stay out of the pond. Head over to Amazon, your dog will love you for this purchase.

Interactive Puzzle Game

This fun and rewarding puzzle is great for reducing anxious dog behavior and redirecting destructive behavior. Keeping your dog mentally stimulated can help with separation anxiety while you are away. I purchased this toy just for fun and my dog loved it. She would spend several minutes finding her favorite treats. You can find it on Amazon here.


What dog doesn’t love tug-o-war? My two dogs play with this toy everyday. We have had other ropes before, but I gave the PLAYOLOGY rope a try because it has a natural chicken scent. You won’t regret getting this for your dog.