Outdoor Gear

If you’re going to spend a lot of time outside with your active dog breed, this page is for you. You won’t need everything from this page, but I am confident you will come across something you need. Take a look at the products I have personally used with my dogs when exploring the great outdoors.

Dog Life Jacket

The Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket is the best value I found on Amazon. It comes in 5 sizes and multiple colors. The life jacket fits my dog well and does not irritate them. Does your dog need a jacket anytime they are in the water? No. However, it’s always safe to have one on when boating, kayaking or paddle boarding with your furry friend. In case of emergency, its best to be cautious.


If you are looking for a GPS/Dog Tracker, you are going to come across several different brands and types. After countless hours of research, my wife and I decided on Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker. Its a very reasonable price compared to most of the trackers out there. Check it out on Amazon. You use your phone to track your dog. Use the app with your iPhone or Android or log in with any web browser. You can create alerts when your dog roams outside your “virtual fence”, there is live tracking and you can monitor your dogs health. There is a subscription fee with this product, starting at $4.99 per month as of writing this. For all the benefits packed into this device, $5 a month is worth it.

Dog Water Bottle

Everyone should have the MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle. Very user friendly and convenient. Its important to keep your dogs hydrated on walks and hikes. You wont waste water since unused water goes back into the bottle. It never leaks!! It comes in 2 sizes, 12oz and 19oz. Go for the 19oz in case you hike an extra couple miles.

Tie Cable/Rope

Dog Tie Out Cable is a fantastic product. We use it when we go camping or if we are hanging outside and there is no fenced yard. Attach the cable to two trees and the dog has plenty of room to run without any concerns of getting tangled. Our dogs are pretty well trained, but if they see a rabbit and we in the Carolina mountains, I am not 100% sure they are going to come back on command.

Travel Dog Bed

Chuckit! Travel Bed is perfect throw bed for the outdoors. Its easy to clean and our dogs love it. We will bring their regular beds when we travel and stay in house/cabin. We grab the Chuckit! bed when we go to beach, hiking, or spend a lot of time outdoors.

Neoprene Vest

Some dog breeds dont have the best coat for swimming in cold water. You might want to invest in a neoprene vest for your dog, which will keep your dog warm without interfering with his ability to swim. I recommend the Browning Camo Neoprene Dog Vest from Amazon.com. This vest comes in multiple sizes, and you can trim it to fit your dog.

Duck Decoy

If you plan on training your dog to retrieve ducks, you’ll need to practice with decoys. I recommend the Pooch Buddy Duck Bumper Toy for Training Hunting Dogs from Amazon.com. This is a lifelike duck decoy that floats, and you can use it to teach your dog to retrieve a decoy at your command. As your Brittany gets accustomed to the sights, sounds, and smells of retrieving a decoy in the water, she’ll be prepared for the real thing.