Leashes and Collars


You will never need another leash for your dog. We purchased these leashes over 3 years ago and they look brand new. I take my dogs on a walk at least once a day. The leash is very strong and can be used with dogs up to 120lbs. The handle is very comfortable and it comes in 5 colors and multiple lengths. Order it today at Amazon.com.


If you are looking for a good quality collar, check out Blueberry Pet products. They offer collars in over 20 different collars. There are 100s of different collars, so hopefully this recommendation helps you save some time in you search.


We used to walk our dogs on regular collars, but could never get them to stop pulling. We felt bad about the strain on their necks, so we invested in PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness. They come in multiple colors, they hook from the front or the back, and they fit our dogs very well. They are adjustable and have padding, so they don’t irritate our dog’s skin. Attaching the leash to the front has helped train our dogs not to pull because it will turn them around when they do pull.

Hands-free Leash

Going for a jog with your dog just got easier. This hands-free leash will give you the freedom to focus on your form while your dog is strapped around your waist. It comes with a pouch so you can carry your belongings. It is built well and is very durable, it will probably last me forever. Whether you are running a 5K or going for a hike, this is a must have.