How To Calm Down a Brittany Spaniel (Step-by-Step)

It’s not surprising that you sometimes have difficulties calming your Brittany Spaniel. They’re an energetic sporting dog, so they need an outlet for that energy. Without it, they’ll create their own, which may be undesirable.

Here’s a few tips to calm down a Brittany Spaniel:

  1. Ignore your Brittany when their behavior is hyper.
  2. Gently and quietly praise your Brittany if they calm down.
  3. Give your Brittany something to do. 
  4. Give your Brittany a chew bone or chew toy.
  5. Put your Brittany in their crate.
  6. Take your Brittany for a walk. 

I’ve prepared a step-by-step guide with ideas gleaned from experts on the Brittany Spaniel Breed. Please read and consider our suggestions for calming down your Brittany Spaniel

1. Ignore Your Brittany When Their Behavior Is Hyper

Try ignoring your Brittany when their behavior is hyper. This is the most basic trick that you can do whenever your dog is hyperactive. Quietly, without speaking or making eye contact, turn your back and leave the room. If you’re outside, secure them to a tree or fence, turn your back and walk 20 ft (6.10 m) away. 

2. Gently and Quietly Praise Your Brittany if They Calm Down

You might have to do this more than once, but gently and quietly praise the dog if they calm down. The objective is to make the dog realize that bad behavior won’t be rewarded. But if they’re doing well, you should also reward them with praise (and possibly treats). A popular training treat my dogs love are the salmon flavored Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Wild Bits (available on

3. Give Your Brittany Something To Do

Dogs, especially Brittany Spaniels, can get bored and restless if they have nothing to do. They can get extra hyper because they have all that excess energy. So, give your dog something to do. The Sport 14S ball launcher is easy to use and allows anyone to throw a tennis ball really far. Find it listed on Amazon here.

Some people make their dog carry their stick or ball in their mouth while walking to the park, so they stay focused. Work on a new trick or play interactive games with them. 

4. Give Your Brittany a Chew Bone or Chew Toy

You could try giving the dog a chew bone or chew toy to help drain off the excess energy. It’ll serve as a distraction as well.

To keep it interactive and mentally stimulating, try the longtime top choice among dog owners, the Kong Classic Dog Toy (available on You can fill it with treats or dry or canned/wet dog food, and they’ll be busy trying to get them.

5. Put Your Brittany in Their Crate

If your Brittany is crate trained and obeys commands, quietly but with authority, direct them to go into the crate. When dogs are anxious, the crate sometimes has a calming effect.

National Brittany Rescue recommends crate training for Brittanys. However, never use the crate as punishment. Instead, its purpose is to prevent bad behavior and be a safe retreat for your dog. MidWest Home Crates are durable, adjustable and easy to set up. I highly recommend checking them out on

Brittany puppies are destructive, so the crate will help save your furnishings while house-breaking them and when you can’t supervise them. 

The crate will also serve as a calm haven while traveling with your Brittany. 

6. Take Your Brittany for a Walk

Brittanys are sporting dogs and need a minimum of an hour of vigorous and sustained exercise every day. A Brittany Spaniel feels compelled to expend that energy and gets anxious until they do. If cooped up alone, they may get a spurt of energy and spend a frantic hour playing with the couch cushions, throw rugs, soap, kids’ favorite toys, bed pillows, and more. 

Your Brittany doesn’t ransack your home to get even with you for leaving them home alone. Instead, they’re overcome with the need to move. Prevent undesirable behavior and anxiety by maintaining a consistent, rigorous exercise regimen. Try to bring your Brittany to the dog park daily.

Avoid Hyperactivity in Your Brittany 

A calm Brittany Spaniel begins with obedience training. Because they’re excitable, you want them well trained to obey your commands. They’re intelligent and easily trained. The American Brittany Rescue emphasizes the need to let the dog know calmly and quietly that you’re the boss. 

Positive Reinforcement Training is an effective method for training any dog, but especially for Brittanys. Their sensitive nature responds well to praise. Scoldings and punishments only compound the problem. If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend picking up this online based training program that will walk you through the steps to train your dog. At just $47, you get a structured and detailed training program from a professional trainer for just a fraction of the cost of a local trainer.

Spend time socializing your dog so that they get used to other dogs, people, and noises. Dog parks and nearby walking trails are good places to socialize. 

Activities That Can Lead to a Calm and Contented Brittany

Your Brittany will be calm if their need for physical and mental stimulation is met. The following are some of the best activities to share with your dog that’ll lead to a contented dog. 

Brittanys Are Good Exercise Buddies

To all of you speed-walkers, joggers, cyclists, and hikers out there, a Brittany Spaniel is the companion dog for you. They’ll go the distance with you and ask for more.

Your Brittany will be waiting for you at the door when it’s time for exercise so you won’t be tempted to slack off. 

Going for a jog with your dog just got easier. This hands-free leash will give you the freedom to focus on your form while your dog is strapped around your waist. It comes with a pouch so you can carry your belongings. It is built well and is very durable, it will probably last me forever. Whether you are running a 5K or going for a hike, this is a must have.

Brittanys Excel at Bird Hunting

Hunting is an ideal activity for your Brittanys mental and physical stimulation. As an energy outlet, hunting helps to maintain a calm demeanor and prevent destructive behavior. 

Brittanys are bred for bird hunting. As hunting companions, they’re dependable and focused. Brittanys have the energy and stamina for hours in the fields and wetlands.

They can cover the large fields and don’t hesitate to enter the cold water to retrieve. At home, the Brittany likes to be in the thick of family life and is always close. Check my article Will a Brittany Dog Retrieve Ducks? What You Need Know

High Energy Brittanys Love Agility Training

As a high-energy sporting dog, keeping a Brittany calm means giving them a job to do. Agility training is a good choice. 

Watch this YouTube video about what Brittanys can do on an agility trials course:

The dog in the video isn’t plagued with unspent energy that results in frenetic destructive activity.

Other sports to consider are dock diving and field trials. 

Good Pet Parents Know What Calms Their Brittany

Good Brittany Dog owners are active and energetic with a calm but firm demeanor. They know what their dog needs to calm down because they did their research before getting their dog.  

Brittanys require daily time and energy commitment that some dog lovers can’t fulfill, and they shouldn’t try. Don’t think the dog will adjust to your lifestyle because they won’t. Instead, they’ll act out with unacceptable behavior. 

However, for those looking for a companion and family dog that can keep up with your energetic lifestyle, Brittanys are the best. 

The way to calm down a Brittany Spaniel is to learn about the temperament of the breed. Then, put what you know into practice, and enjoy a calm, well-behaved dog. 


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