How To Tire Out a Springer Spaniel (10 Easy Ways)

People fall in love with the Springer Spaniel’s beauty and intelligence but can be unprepared for just how much energy this dog has. Bred for hunting, the Springer Spaniel is ready to run all day long without giving up. Your dog’s high energy can make life in a more urban environment more challenging for you.

Here are 10 easy ways to tire out a Springer Spaniel:

  1. Let your Springer Spaniel run free and at top speed.
  2. Incorporate more activity in walks.
  3. Take your Springer Spaniel for a swim.
  4. Ensure your Springer Spaniel performs daily work.
  5. Allow your dog to play with other dogs.
  6. Provide some one-on-one playtime.
  7. Join a dog sport.
  8. Participate in regular training sessions.
  9. Invest in some food puzzles.
  10. Mix up your Springer Spaniel’s environment. 

In the rest of this article, I’ll explore effective ways to get your Springer Spaniel tired by the end of the day. I’ll also explain more about the breed so you can better understand your dog’s needs. Being able to tire out your Springer Spaniel will make both your dog and you much happier. 

Understanding Your Springer Spaniel

In order to meet your Springer Spaniel’s needs, it’s important to understand what these dogs crave instinctually. Known as gun dogs, these dogs have been bred for high levels of energy, intelligence, and responsiveness to their owner. 

Because of these characteristics, they need both abundant mental and physical stimulation to feel satisfied. Only focusing on one type of exercise can tire your Springer Spaniel out temporarily, but may not be enough to do so for long periods. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to tire out your Springer Spaniel both physically and mentally, and it’s recommended to give your dog a mix of these exercises for best results. 

1. Let Your Springer Spaniel Run Free and at Top Speed

Springer Spaniels are bred to run freely, at top speed, and use their nose to find hunting prey. It is important you find a way for your dog to engage in this kind of activity, even if you’re not a hunter yourself.

Bringing your dog to an open area with natural wildlife where he can run freely, as fast as he wants, and where he can sniff out little creatures will be very satisfying for him. 

You can also play fetch using this ChuckIt! Ball Launcher (available on This will get your Springer running fast and far, which can help control their energy levels.

2. Incorporate More Activity in Walks

For a Springer Spaniel, a long walk on the leash will not be very satisfying or tiring. For other dog breeds, a long walk every day is enough to tire them out and have them snoozing happily on the couch afterward. However, it is simply not the same for the Springer Spaniel. 

To make your daily walks a better match for this breed, you will want to incorporate something more active along the way. You can take breaks in your walk for short training sessions. You may be able to stop at the park for a game of fetch. 

Introducing variety into your walks will both engage your dog mentally as well as burn up some of his endless energy. 

Additionally, if you’re a jogger, you and your dog can do this activity together. Incorporating jogging into their usual walks or as a separate event can be exciting for your Springer Spaniel. They will love accompanying you as they burn up more of their energy. Going for a jog with your dog just got easier. This hands-free leash (available on will give you the freedom to focus on your form while your dog is strapped around your waist.

3. Take Your Springer Spaniel for a Swim

Swimming is another activity that is ideal for a dog with lots of energy. Like for humans, swimming is an activity that uses muscles all over the body. Many of these muscles aren’t ones dogs are accustomed to using in their walks or runs. This can make the experience of swimming all the more tiring. 

Springer Spaniels typically love the water and will happily jump in for a swim. They may even enjoy it if you incorporate some play into the swimming. You can try throwing a ball for them to retrieve out of the water or another activity that they participate in enthusiastically. Check out this floating toy on Amazon I use for my dogs at the lake.

4. Ensure Your Springer Spaniel Performs Daily Work

Springer Spaniels were bred to do a job, and your pet Springer Spaniel will be seeking this kind of work no matter his environment. It is important that you give your dog a chance to do his job each day. 

This job could be retrieving a tennis ball, catching a frisbee, or another task that lets your dog perform a task. 

You can be creative to make the task more difficult, like throwing the ball or frisbee into taller grass where the dog can’t easily see. Your Springer Spaniel will love the challenge of seeking out the ball and the excitement of finding it and bringing it back to you. 

You may see other Springer Spaniel owners giving their dog the task of carrying a backpack. You can purchase one of these dog backpacks for your pet. This breed, in particular, loves the sense of responsibility they get when carrying items for their owner. This can satisfy their instinct to do a job for you while also being extra physical work for them.

Make sure you are careful with the weight of the pack, following guidelines based on the size of your dog. You can use the backpack if you are going for a hike or even if you are just walking to the nearby park. By giving your Springer Spaniel the responsibility of carrying his toys or other supplies, you will be making the outing extra exciting for your pet. 

To get an idea of what these packs look like, you can check out this OneTigris Dog Backpack available on It’s affordable and comes with several pockets to store your dog’s favorite items. It comes in a few different colors, too! Springer Spaniels are considered medium-sized dogs, so make sure you find the right-sized back with adjustable straps to get the perfect fit. 

5. Allow Your Dog To Play With Other Dogs

If you can give your Springer Spaniel a chance to play with other dogs, he will be able to burn up plenty of energy while you sit comfortably and watch. Bringing your dog to an enclosed dog park where dogs can run and play freely is a great option. Socialization is key for your dog’s health and happiness, as is this form of intense exercise.

There will likely be other active breeds at the park who will love running with your Springer Spaniel at top speed. Especially if the park is enclosed, you can allow your dog to run at top speed without the danger of traffic. 

There is also the added benefit that this is a passive option for you. You can sit or stand, observing and monitoring your dog, but there’s not much intense physical activity required from you. You will also have a chance to chat with other dog owners and share your experiences.

6. Provide Some One-on-One Playtime

There are plenty of ways you can play with your Springer Spaniel that will bring joy to your dog while using up energy. A game of tug of war in the living room is a great way to engage your dog physically without requiring a big open space. I gave the PLAYOLOGY rope a try because it has a natural chicken scent and the dogs wont put it down.

A bit of living room won’t be enough to tire your Springer Spaniel out completely, but it is a good addition to your routine. You can have small play sessions throughout the day to make sure your dog doesn’t get bored and involved in bad habits.

7. Join a Dog Sport

Springer Spaniels are excellent at canine sports, like agility or flyball. Agility courses and flyball competitions give your dog a chance to exercise himself physically and mentally at the same time. They use their intelligence with their physical power to leap over hurdles, navigate obstacles, catch balls, run at top speed and compete with other dogs at the same time.

Training for these events can be a very bonding activity for the dog and its owner as well. The canine and human partnership becomes a real team. In addition to your dog being tired out at the end of an event or training session, you will also enjoy the deeper connection you are building.

8. Participate in Regular Training Sessions

Springer Spaniels are incredibly attentive to their humans and love nothing more than to please. They are sensitive and intelligent dogs and love one-on-one interactions with their owners. Because of this, they respond very well to challenging training sessions. 

They will enjoy practicing the commands and tricks they have already learned and will be eager to master new ones as well. You can get creative with your Springer Spaniel, as they will respond well to new challenges. 

Regular training sessions will be something they look forward to and a chance to let their mind work. You can do these in your living room or during breaks during your daily walks. 

If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend picking up this online based training program that will walk you through the steps to train your dog. At just $47, you get a structured and detailed training program from a professional trainer for just a fraction of the cost of a local trainer.

9. Invest in Some Food Puzzles

There are plenty of dog toys on the market today designed to give intelligent dogs a good challenge. One of the most popular types of these toys is food-related puzzles. 

These might be toys you put your dog’s kibble inside that has a small hole it can fall out of. Your dog will smell the food but will need to play with the toy effectively to release the kibble. Your dog will be highly motivated to solve the puzzle. These toys are a great way to turn dinner time into a stimulating activity. 

You can find many food puzzle toys available on The  KONG Wobbler Interactive Dog Toy is a popular choice that lets small treats or kibble through the hole as your dog rolls and wobbles it effectively. You can also consider the Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball that requires your dog to roll the ball around to release the treats or kibble. 

A snuffle mat is another good choice for a Springer Spaniel. These are rugs made with chunky material that create a little jungle for the food to be lost. Your dog will have to use his nose and foraging skills to seek out the kibble or treats from the snuffle mat. I never purchased one of these for my dogs, so I cant recommend specific product to use. However, I did review some on and considering making a purchase for one soon. Check out the link if you are curious what they look like and how they work.

These mats are another way to turn dinner time into an adventure. These mats are well aligned with your Springer Spaniel’s natural impulse to use its sensitive nose.

10. Mix Up Your Springer Spaniel’s Environment

While all dogs need routine and stability to feel secure, your Springer Spaniel will benefit from a little bit of surprise. Because of their high intelligence, they can get bored easily. They will like the challenge of new activities and things to learn. 

In addition to teaching them new tricks, bringing them to new places, and giving them new challenges, think about how you mix up their environment. One way to do this is to rotate the toys your dog plays with.

For example, when your Springer Spaniel seems to forget about a few of his toys, hide these away for a week or two. When you pull them out of their hiding place, your dog will be surprised and ecstatic to play with them again. You can keep this rotation going, continually hiding toys and reintroducing them later on.

When possible, your Springer Spaniel will also love the excitement of a new toy. Especially if it is interactive in some way, the new challenge of the toy will be stimulating for your dog. Try to choose new toys that provide your dog a challenge and a way to use their mental energy. 

Final Thoughts

Springer Spaniels are a well-loved breed due to their cuteness, attentiveness, and intelligence. However, with all of these great characteristics also comes the seemingly endless energy. 

Remember, long walks alone won’t be enough. You need to give your dog opportunities to run at top speed, play with other dogs, jump and swim in the water and have a job to do. For his mind, you need to think of new challenges for your dog and find ways to make his life interesting and exciting. These are the key components of having a happy, satisfied Springer Spaniel in your family. 


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