Is It Normal for a German Shorthaired Pointer To Sleep Under the Covers?

It’s a known fact that dogs everywhere have unique personalities. One personality trait that many German shorthaired pointers display is odd sleeping positions like hiding under the covers. 

It is normal for a GSP to sleep under the covers because they are very attached to their owners and like warm and confined spaces. During the winter months, GSPs may sneak under the covers more often. You can invest in a crate for your pup if sleeping under the covers becomes bothersome. 

Continue reading the remainder of this article to learn more about why German Shorthaired Pointers sleep under the covers and how owners can help prevent this from occurring. 

Why a German Shorthaired Pointer Want To Sleep Under the Covers

Sleeping under the covers entirely can be an odd phenomenon for anyone. Pets and people can overheat quickly, and breathing might become demanding. However, it is normal for German shorthaired pointers to desire to sleep under the covers, and there is a good reason why. 

GSPs want to sleep under the covers because it helps them feel safe and is an instinct. They also love being wherever their owners are most of the time because they are bonded to them. Additionally, this breed of dog can get cold frequently. 

As many owners know, German shorthaired pointers have many traits that differ from other traditional dog breeds. It is no surprise that this breed loves to sleep under the covers because they have a lot of curious energy, are loyal and independent, and can be clingy.

Most dogs like to sleep in traditional spots: in a crate, on the floor, at the end of the bed. However, this can be boring for GSPs. Luckily, GSPS will not stay in odd sleeping positions for long, especially if under the covers. They can become distracted quickly and jump onto a new task after a short period. If your dog is constantly burrowing under blankets or the covers and you’re curious why, here are a few main reasons to consider. 

  • German shorthaired pointers are investigative, love to hunt, and have great senses. This breed naturally loves to explore and discover new things, and a bed is full of different scents that they are drawn to. Once they find what they are searching for, they may leave your covers.
  • German shorthaired pointers love companionship. As many know, this breed of dog is very attached and loyal to its owners. Sleeping under the covers gives them access to their owner and their scents, providing them with a sense of comfort and safety. 
  • German shorthaired pointers burrow because it helps them relax. Like people, dogs like to relax after moments of stress, anxiety, or a long day. Similar to the past, this breed of dog feels safe and comfortable in a cave-like setting. This is why dogs usually burrow. 

Is It Safe for a GSP To Sleep Under the Covers?

It’s no surprise that the biggest concern about allowing your German shorthaired pointer to sleep under the covers is safety. It may appear as if dogs do not have room to breathe and could quickly suffocate in their sleep. However, that may not be the case. 

It is safe for a GSP to sleep under the covers, but owners should still take precautionary steps because accidents can occur. First, it is best to allow your dog under the covers for a couple of hours rather than an entire evening to ensure your pup is safe, healthy, and happy. 

Most times, dogs will leave the covers after a couple of hours because they don’t feel good. If owners let their dogs sleep under the blankets for an entire night, it’s best that owners have tested it a few times to make sure their pup feels safe as mentioned prior. 

Unfortunately, there are often safety hazards and things that occur when pups sleep under the covers for prolonged periods: 

  • Your dog becomes very hot and needs to get out from under the covers. Dogs of all breeds can get warm rather quickly. Dogs usually do not like staying in warm places for long periods because it becomes too much for them. 
  • Your dog gets stuck from the covers being tucked too tight. Although airflow seems like a common issue, getting stuck under a blanket is more common. Dogs cannot always get out, and if their owner is asleep, this could be problematic. 
  • Your dog begins to panic and has anxiety. Anxiety is common in GSPs, and feeling too hot, trapped, or unheard is a common way for panic and fear to arise. This can create trauma for your pet.

If you notice that your dog loves hanging out and sleeping under blankets, you can try giving it a few test runs to make adjustments. This will help you feel comfortable, and they will know how to get in and out quickly without potential accidents occurring. 

German Shorthaired Pointers Will Not Suffocate Under the Covers

Out of all the safety concerns, suffocation is one of dog owners’ most significant worries. Luckily, there are some great tips for owners to follow to help diminish this fear. 

Even the heaviest blankets will not suffocate your pet, but your dog may overheat and pant heavily. If your dog is struggling under the blankets, they will quickly know that it is time for them to leave the covers. GSPs are very intelligent and intuitive about what’s going on around them. 

However, this fear does create panic in many. Dog owners may try to navigate these fears through multiple hacks. Hacks do not always make things better for your pup. If you can, follow these tips and tricks for helping diminish fears instead: 

  • Choose a blanket or comforter that has breathable material. Heavy and packed materials can complicate things and create fear. However, having a blanket for your dog that is breathable and lightweight can make things easier. 
  • Avoid giving your dog a breathing hole. Having a breathing hole sounds like a great idea but creates unfavorable circumstances. German shorthaired pointers are very curious and can chew. They may rip up the blanket and try other techniques while investigating. 
  • Stay awake when your dog is sleeping under the blanket. Dogs, at first, should not be left unattended under a blanket. Owners should remain nearby for precautionary reasons. Additionally, owners can set a time limit for how long their pup can stay under the blankets. 

In Conclusion 

German shorthaired pointers have great personalities and sometimes act in odd ways. However, this breed of dog is intelligent and will not place itself in harm’s way intentionally. 

If you own a GSP, learn your pup’s personality to the best of your ability, research, and talk to an expert if needed. Taking care of your pup is important and feeling safe while doing it will make the journey much more enjoyable. 

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