Are Weimaraners Easy to Train?

Training their pets is something that many dog owners desire and want to do. But have you ever considered if Weimaraners are easy to train? In this article, you will see the answer to this question and learn about this wonderful dog breed.

Yes, Weimaraners are easy to train. This breed is highly oriented to please humans and show love and affection to their owners. At the same time, they are brilliant and consistent. It also helps that they have a lot of energy, which contributes to their ease of training.

What Should I Know About Training My Weimaraner?

You may already know, it is relatively easy to prepare and teach different things to this type of breed. Yet, there are many things that you should know before you start training your Weimaraner. Below, you will see some general information about this essential topic.

  1. You need to understand the basics of training a Weimaraner or a dog in general: It is essential to follow every step and do everything correctly.
  2. Understand your dog’s pace: Remember, you have a dog, not a robot. Just like humans, dogs take time when learning something.
  3. You need to connect with your pets to train them: If you do not feel comfortable or confident enough to train your dog, you will not do it properly.
  4. Wait until your dog is in a great mood and has a good mindset: If your dog is tired, uncomfortable, or upset, you will not be able to start training your Weimaraner.

As you might know, there are more things that you should not overlook when it comes to understanding your dog and training them.

Tricks, Tips, and Suggestions that you Should use to Train Your Weimaraner

In this paragraph, you will see some helpful advice, tips, and tricks to make all this process easier and faster for you.

  1. Start at a young age: The younger, the better. This is a great way to make sure your dog is already capable when it gets older because you will prepare him at a young age. But do not rush it either. It is perfectly fine to wait until your Weimaraner is old enough to be trained adequately and learn independently.
  2. Make your dog socialize: This is extremely helpful because dogs are social creatures like humans.
  3. You can train your dog daily: Yet, do not overload your Weimaraner with too many things.
  4. Be consistent: These things won’t happen overnight. You have to be patient.
  5. You can give some rewards or treats to your Weimaraner when training them: This will motivate your dog and will let them feel comfortable and happy. A popular training treat amongst my dogs are the salmon flavored Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Wild Bits (available on
  6. Give personal space to your dog: You should always keep this in mind. Like humans, dogs need their space. Respect it, and don’t intrude too much on it.
  7. Teach social rules to your dog: Your Weimaraner needs to understand things like obedience and respect to their owners and other pets. When in public, your dog cannot start barking and going crazy, and you can teach them that.

Aside from this, there are many things that you should know and always apply. Your dog needs respect and breaks like any other living creature.

Which Basic Commands can you Teach to a Weimaraner?

Teaching simple words to your dogs can make them understand you better. It makes the communication process something natural for your pet. When giving commands to your dog, you should always try to add a tone to make your dog comprehend what you are trying to say. Here are some of the accessible and basic commands that you can teach to your Weimaraner (or any dog in general):

  1. Come
  2. Lay down
  3. Leave it
  4. Look
  5. Sit
  6. Stay
  7. Stop

What you Should Not do When Training your Weimaraner

When it comes to training your Weimaraner (or any dog breed), you should know what to do and what you should never do. Right below, you will see some things that it would be best if you avoided when teaching new things to your pet.

  1. This should never be an obligation: Keep in mind that your dog should enjoy and be happy with this. Yet, making it a responsibility or a burden can make your dog sad and frustrated. Try to make things positive and calm if you want a happy Weimaraner.
  2. Do not act aggressive or start scaring your dog when giving them commands: Acting like this can ruin your dog’s mood and make them scared of trying new tricks or learning new things. This is very similar to the last item because forcing things is never how to handle situations or teach things.
  3. Ignoring your dog’s necessities: If you miss your dog’s actual needs and fundamental and natural requirements, your pet will be highly dissatisfied, mad, and even sad. They will not concentrate on new tricks or things about training because something else will be bothering them.

Three of the Easiest Tricks That you can Teach to Your Weimaraner

Introducing new things (especially new tricks) can make you feel connected and bond with your Weimaraner. In this paragraph, you will see some of the easiest tricks that you can teach to your dog:

  1. Shaking hands or high fives: These are some of the most adorable tricks that you could teach to a dog. If you want to incorporate this trick, you will need to teach your dog to sit first.
  2. Speak: By doing this, you will motivate your dog to bark, which is a prevalent thing that dogs do.
  3. Jump through a hoop: You can teach this trick to your dog by encouraging your dog with something on the other side of the circle. But try to be careful with this trick and avoid getting your Weimaraner hurt.

When Should I Start Training a Weimaraner?

As mentioned before, you should start training your Weimaraner at a young age. Yet, the ideal age is at least when they are seven or eight weeks old. Before that, they are still too young, but every dog is different in its way.

Can I Train an old Weimaraner?

It is never too late, but it is recommended to start at a real young age because it is hard to deal with an older pet. Yet, if you do everything correctly, this should not be a big issue.

How can I Teach Obedience to my Weimaraner?

Obedience is maybe the first thing that you need to teach to a pet. This can take one to six weeks to learn. They are very energetic, so you will need to teach obedience to your dog as soon as possible. You can start with trying to teach your Weimaraner to sit, stay, and come. As you saw before, these methods are basic commands, and with some treats, this can be easy to achieve.

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