Are Weimaraners Good Family Dogs?

The Weimaraner is a very sought-after dog breed due to its beauty and hunting abilities. It has an imposing physique and a beautiful silver coat with light eyes. Weimaraners that need a lot of physical activity, thanks to their hunting background. These dogs always prefer to be close to their owners and need lots of attention.

The Weimaraner can be an excellent family pet. It is a breed that gets along very well with children and loves to play with humans. They are adorable and love constant attention.

This dog breed is perfect for active people who enjoy sports such as running or hiking. The Weimaraner needs to be played with and tired as much as possible. To learn more about the world of the Weimaraner and how they behave as a family dog, stay with us, and we will be able to provide you with much more information.

The Origin Of The Weimaraner

The Weimaraner is a breed of dog originating in Germany. It is a hybrid developed as a hunting dog. This beautiful dog is well known because it has a grayish coat that makes it unmistakable.

The history of the Weimaraner began under Grand Duke Charles Augustus. Charles Augustus was a nobleman who was a fanatic of big game hunting. On one of his many hunts, he met the predecessor dogs of today’s Weimaraner. These dogs impressed the Duke so much that he decreed that the nobility could only breed this type of dog, and its primary use would be hunting.

As time went by, hunting changed towards smaller prey such as rodents and birds. Today the Weimaraner is used as a search and rescue dog.

What Is The Weimaraner Like As A Family Dog?

Many people wonder if the Weimaraner is the ideal dog for a family group with children. The answer is yes. Lets review some traits of its behavior as a family dog.

  • The Weimaraner is a dog with a character that easily adapts to different environments. Nowadays it is more common to find them in cities and living with families.
  • It is a brilliant dog. It can very quickly learn tasks.
  • As a house dog, it is very affectionate. He attaches easily to all members of his family. It also establishes a unique bond with its master.
  • It is a breed of dog that develops a great love for children. It is important to emphasize that it is necessary to accustom the Weimaraner to children since they are puppies. If we do not do it this way, it could be a little rough, although the reality is that they would never harm a child.
  • The Weimaraner is an athletic dog considering that it is an innate hunter. As it is such an active dog, it needs daily physical exercise. This exercise routine will keep him healthy and balanced. We must be very clear about this characteristic because if we do not provide them with the physical demands they require, they can be a difficult dog to control.
  • Another point in favor of the Weimaraner is that he is a courageous dog since he distrusts people he has not seen before. If family members arrive at the house with first-time companions, you will see how much more observant the dog becomes.
  • Families living in houses will have an excellent watchdog in the Weimaraner. He will always let them know by barking when something is not quite right.
  • The presence of Weimaraners in your home, along with other small pets such as cats, birds, or rodents, is not the best idea. Remember that these dogs are natural hunters. No one wants to observe an instinctive reaction that could have been avoided.
  • The Weimaraner is not a city dog but has a great capacity for adaptation.

Summary Of The Weimaraner’s Character Traits

EnergyHighIt is an athletic and energetic dog; it requires daily exercise and different activities.
TemperamentStrongIt is an intense, intelligent, affectionate dog that is always alert. Will give its life for his master.
AdaptabilityHighIt is a dog that can be very docile and adaptable to home life if we can give him a daily exercise routine.
SociabilityHighIt is super affectionate with all members of the family and becomes a faithful friend of children. Distrustful of strangers.
HealthGoodBecause they are a large dog breed, they can develop problems in the joints. They are also prone to stomach issues.
LongevityHighIt has a life expectancy between 12 and 15 years.
UtilityVersatileIt is an excellent watchdog, companion, and hunting dog.

How Does The Weimaraner Behave With Children?

Generally speaking, the Weimaraner is a dog that behaves very well with children. This dog loves his pack profoundly and will always protect it against any danger. But let’s keep in mind that this dog is not very patient with strangers.

Another way to cultivate the Weimaraner’s excellent relationship with children depends on the parents. Parents should teach children to respect the dog. You must understand that this is not a small and delicate dog. For this reason, you have to be cautious with very young children, as our faithful friends may accidentally push them.

Experts advise that children who are too young should not play with the Weimaraner. This dog will demand a lot of energy and challenge its intelligence. The best games between children and Weimaraners are ball toss and frisbee. The perfect toy for your Weimaraner is Chuckit! Breathe Right Fetch Ball. Your dog will play for hours and this unique ball allows them to breathe better while running with it in their mouth. You can click to link to learn more on

Training Tips For The Weimaraner

One of the aspects that will make the Weimaraner’s coexistence with the family happier and smoother is training. The Weimaraner is an intelligent and clever breed of dog; that is why training them can be relatively simple. Here are some helpful tips to carry out this task.

  • Since the Weimaraner is a working animal, it needs to be busy. We must give him a mission, but first, we must teach him what we expect from him.
  • Every time we teach him a task, we must do it with love and patience. If we treat him harshly, he will become fearful and slippery.
  • We must always use positive reinforcement techniques. Every time it does what we ask it to do, we should reward it with its favorite snack. By doing this, they will easily understand what you expect from them. Blue Buffalo Bits (available on are perfect for rewards and are a good source of protein for your active dog.
  • When he learns a new trick or routine, he will never forget it. As a curious fact, we must say that the Weimaraner is one of the breeds that learns routines faster than most breeds.
  • When you teach him a trick, the dog must feel that you are the leader of the pack. You will not earn this recognition with harshness; you will achieve it with your attitude and the energy you transmit to the animal.
  • There are some sports activities designed for dogs. For example, we have agility or flyball that will serve to exercise and at the same time give a mission to your loyal pet.
  • The work of training a Weimaraner requires that all members of the family participate. It is the best opportunity for the dog to understand the hierarchical order of the pack.

A Final Thought On The Weimaraner As A Family Dog

If you want a Weimaraner to be a member of your family, you must keep him busy. This breed must have a certain amount of activity in order to be happy and balanced. Otherwise, the dog will quickly get bored and will begin to misbehave, which will not be enjoyable.

The education of the Weimaraner is crucial for its adaptation to the family group. To achieve this process, you must be willing to give him the attention and time he needs. If you decide to be with your dog and give him the care that the breed requires, the reward of love and protection for you and your family will be unlimited.

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