This Is How Much a Brittany Spaniel Should Eat

If you parent a diverse canine family, you’d know that each breed has unique needs, qualities, and nature. If the newest member of your family is a Brittany Spaniel, it’s vital to know how much it should ideally eat and what foods are (and aren’t) suitable for it. After all, seeing it fall sick due to an unhealthy dietary routine is the last thing you’d want.

A Brittany Spaniel weighing around 40 lb. (18 kg) should ideally eat 1.5 to 2 cups of dry dog food daily, divided into 2 equal-sized meals. You can feed your Brittany Spaniel slightly less or more, depending on factors like its age, metabolic rate, activity levels. 

Watching out for your dog’s diet is more crucial than for some other dog breeds, and I’ll explain why in this article. Keep reading to learn about feeding your Brittany in the healthiest way possible.

Why It’s Important To Control Your Brittany Spaniel’s Diet

Brittany Spaniels, unfortunately, tend to struggle with hip dysplasia. The odds aren’t as bad as some of the other dog breeds out there, but they’re still worth a Brittany owner’s attention. 

In dog breeds with known hip dysplasia problems, becoming overweight is a significant concern. Obesity in Brittanys can lead to higher chances of arthritis, dysplasia, and other issues due to increased stress on joints. 

It’s part of the reason why you should only provide your pet with calculated meals following a regular schedule every day. 

However, it’s not just the quantity of dog food that matters—but the quality, too!

When choosing what to feed your pet, you’re free to do your own research to decide what’s best for it. However, I’ve done mine — and I’d suggest going for the Taste of the Wild High Prairie (available on

Like any other purchase for your furry friend, the safety factor always comes first, especially with food! The Taste of the Wild brand is known for following advanced safety protocols with all of its products. 

The High Prairie Dry Dog Food from Taste of the Wild has real buffalo as its primary ingredient. Its key feature is an industry-leading 32% protein composition, ensuring your dog stays fit. As discussed earlier, keeping a Brittany lean is more crucial than some dog breeds. 

If your Brittany is more of a picky eater, you could also go with the Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream (available on This one’s easier to digest and uses novel protein sources like smoked salmon. It also has veggie-based ingredients like chicory root, potatoes, and peas for high prebiotic and antioxidant support.

What You Shouldn’t Feed to Your Brittany Spaniel

Foods you love can be toxic for certain dog breeds, according to a study published by Frontiers in Veterinary Science. So, here’s a list of items you shouldn’t feed your Brittany Spaniel:

  • Fried foods
  • Animal bones
  • Chocolates
  • Xylitol-based products (candy, gum, etc.)
  • Foods cooked in animal fat
  • Milk
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Avocados
  • Alcohol
  • Garlic and onions

How To Check if Your Brittany Spaniel Is Overweight

If you haven’t been following a routine for your Brittany’s meals, meal sizes, and exercise — chances are it could already be overweight. It’s advisable to perform some quick checks at home to see if it’s in good shape. 

According to Deborah E. Linder from Cummings Veterinary Center in Grafton, Massachusetts, you can check your pet for obesity by simply feeling its ribs! 

Ideally, you can easily feel your dog’s ribcage by gently running your hand across its chest sides. If you barely feel them, or not at all, your pet’s overweight! 

If you’re unsure about what it feels like, use your hand for reference. Place your palm flat on the floor and feel your knuckles with the other hand—that’s how your Brittany’s ribs should feel like. If it seems any meatier than that, your dog’s probably overweight. 

There’s also a ‘look test’ that works well with Brittany Spaniels, as there’s no thick fur coat to get in the way. Dogs in good shape have a distinguishable waist behind the ribs when you look down on them. There should also be no belly hanging lower than its rib cage from a side view.

How To Keep Your Brittany Spaniel in Good Shape

Suppose your Brittany Spaniel passes these checks—awesome! Moving forwards, start measuring your dog’s food and only give it a maximum of 2 cups of dry dog food twice a day. Also, follow a strict feeding schedule, meaning consistently filling your dog’s bowl at the same time every day. Make sure its meals are well spaced out as well. 

On the other hand, if your dog turns out to be overweight, it’s best to book an appointment with a veterinarian to take a healthier route ahead. 

To get your Brittany Spaniel back in shape, start by measuring its weight. Make sure you limit your dog’s daily diet to 2 meals of about 1.5 cups of dry dog food. Just like with humans, weight loss in dogs requires cutting back on the diet and increasing exercise. 

Take your dog out on regular walks and boost its activity levels at a steady pace to transition towards a fitter shape. Click here to see my recommended leashes and collars. The hands free leash is a great option if you plan on walking fast or jogging.

Also, take regular weight measurements of your Brittany to see if it’s making progress, and continue performing the dog obesity checks described above to look for improvements.

It’s a lot safer for your Brittany Spaniel to be in good shape, as discussed above. Moreover, a Veterinary Journal 2012 study shows that a successful weight loss journey will improve its quality of life. 


The ideal amount of food for your dog depends on various factors like its age, build, metabolic rate, activity level—and most importantly, breed. I’ve gone over everything you need to know about feeding a Brittany Spaniel. 

If you’ve read this far, you know what to provide your Brittany, how much of it, and food items it should stay away from. So, keep being the amazing dog parent you are and look after its fitness with the information in this article!


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